I read several Christian blogs and follow writers on social media. Christians are choosing one word to focus on for the year, or in one writer’s case, a new word every month. There are many words I could have chosen, because they all apply. Faith. Prayer. Hope. Perseverance. There are many attributes I could aspire to attain.

Then I realized that those words are about me. God knows what I need before I do. My prayers for me, and for my family, are pretty much the same as they’ve ever been. Life hasn’t been easy for us, but we have each persevered and moved forward.

I was thinking about the many people I know, or know of, who have been broken in the past year – broken bodies, broken hearts, broken spirits, broken minds. And I was thinking how often the prayers of my Christian brothers and sisters have lifted me and my family up to God when I was too upset or freaked out, or I just needed more prayer power. It was a great comfort to me and I want others to have that same comfort.

The word that came to mind was Intercession. As it is, when I see posts on social media about struggles, sometimes grave struggles, people are dealing with, I stop and pray right then. Even if they are total strangers in one of the groups I follow – I pray for them. I decided to try to make that my focus this year – a disciplined approach to interceding in prayer for other people.

I won’t be perfect or consistent, because that’s my jam. But I will pray for these people as God brings them to mind.

About jeannie

I am a devout Christian, American, conservative, mother, wife, and wannabe regular blogger.
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